ICF Colleague Receives Rolex Award for Grey Crowned Crane Conservation in Rwanda

A single individual can make a difference, and the International Crane Foundation and our major partner in Africa, the Endangered Wildlife Trust, congratulate wildlife conservationist and veterinarian, Olivier Nsengimana, for receiving the 2014 Rolex Award for Enterprise for his work to protect Grey Crowned Cranes in Rwanda.

Memphis Zoo Hatches First West African Black Crowned Cranes

To help reduce trade in crowned cranes, ICF and the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) have been partnering with zoo associations around the world to promote sustainable breeding of captive populations. As part of our collaboration with the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums, we were thrilled to hear about the successful breeding of a 31 year old wild-caught Black Crowned Crane female at the Memphis Zoo.

ICF in Action

What can you do to make a difference? Get informed and support ICF’s global conservation programs! From discussions on coastal water resources in Texas and crane hunting in the eastern United States, to creating awareness of illegal African crane trade or water quality in southeastern China, ICF is making its voice heard across the world. Following are four global snapshots of ICF in Action.

CITES Announces Suspension of Crowned Crane Trade

An announcement, detailing the suspension of trade in Black Crowned Cranes from Guinea, Sudan and South Sudan and trade in Grey Crowned Cranes from Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania, has just come out of the CITES Conference of the Parties 16 currently underway in Bangkok, Thailand.

A New Dawn in Rwanda

As Kerryn Morrison, ICF’s African Crane Conservation Program Manager, and I drove across the border from Uganda, I was thrilled to experience Rwanda for the first time. Rwanda is the 20th Africa country I have worked in for ICF, and I take joy in learning about the unique cultural, political, and ecological characteristics of each country I visit. Rwanda is no exception.

Local Communities Protect Crane Wetlands in Uganda

ICF President Dr. Rich Beilfuss recently returned from a three-week field visit to advance ICF’s Africa Program in three important “crane countries” — Uganda, Rwanda, and Zambia. Following are his field notes from Uganda, detailing the community-based efforts to protect the remaining Grey Crowned Cranes and their habitats in this country.