Endangered Species “Vanishing” from the International Crane Foundation

In observance of the tenth anniversary of Endangered Species Day, Whooping Cranes will “vanish” from their exhibits at the International Crane Foundation. Their implied disappearance is meant to highlight the growing need to save endangered species from extinction.

Visitors to ICF May See Rare Hooded Crane Chick

Wasabi, a rare Hooded Crane, hatched at the International Crane Foundation on June 6, 2014. But even before that, its journey was a colorful one. Eggs produced by ICF’s captive flock are either destined for release into the wild – like those of Whooping Cranes – or play an important role as captive breeding birds to protect wild cranes for future generations.

Memphis Zoo Hatches First West African Black Crowned Cranes

To help reduce trade in crowned cranes, ICF and the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) have been partnering with zoo associations around the world to promote sustainable breeding of captive populations. As part of our collaboration with the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums, we were thrilled to hear about the successful breeding of a 31 year old wild-caught Black Crowned Crane female at the Memphis Zoo.