Species Field Guide

Crane conservation remains a daunting challenge. Cranes are among the most endangered families of birds in the world, with ten of the fifteen species threatened with extinction. Despite threats from rapid development and habitat loss, poisoning, hunting and more, cranes continue to unite people throughout the world through their charisma and symbolism of fidelity and longevity.

Click on each species below to get identification tips, view range maps, listen to calls and more! Below each species’ name is their conservation status as defined by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Black Crowned Crane Vulnerable
Black-necked Crane Near Threatened
Blue Crane Vulnerable
Brolga Least Concern
Demoiselle Crane Least Concern
Eurasian Crane Least Concern
Grey Crowned Crane Endangered
Hooded Crane Vulnerable
Sandhill Crane Least Concern
Sarus Crane Vulnerable
Siberian Crane Critically Endangered
Wattled Crane Vulnerable
White-naped Crane Vulnerable
Whooping Crane Endangered

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