Statement on Equity and Belonging

The International Crane Foundation works worldwide to conserve cranes and the ecosystems, watersheds and flyways on which they depend. We champion cranes as ambassadors for international goodwill, working across geographic, political, social and cultural boundaries to achieve lasting conservation solutions. We are a strong and diverse staff drawn from Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, with members and partners in more than 50 countries on five continents.

  • We bring people together from diverse backgrounds and interests to work together to solve big conservation challenges.
  • We mentor local conservation leadership everywhere we work, identifying and supporting leaders for today and tomorrow in the places where cranes need to thrive.
  • We care for the communities we serve—knowing that lasting conservation solutions must support the well-being and livelihoods of the people who share their lands with cranes.

From Wisconsin to the World, we believe that healthy crane populations depend on healthy communities living in healthy landscapes. Our headquarters in Baraboo, Wisconsin, is located within the ancestral homeland of the Ho-Chunk Nation, and we acknowledge and honor the Ho-Chunk Nation as caretakers of the land and water since time immemorial and as our neighbors, friends and vital members of our community. Across our global programs, we are dedicated to amplifying local voices and perspectives in all the places where cranes dance.

Our mission demands a strong commitment to diversity, equity, access and inclusion throughout our organization. We seek the diverse perspectives and talents of all who serve our mission—our Board of Directors, staff, partners and members—and the communities we serve. We foster an inclusive, respectful environment where all these voices are appreciated and contribute fully to advance our mission. We promote equity as the fair and just treatment of everyone in our organization and community, with respect and civility. To realize this commitment, we strive for the following:

  • Ensuring our Board of Directors and senior leadership mirror our staff, the places where we work, the communities we serve and the unique leadership skills we need.
  • Recruiting, hiring, and supporting diverse staff, interns and volunteers to promote career pathways in conservation for all who care about our lands, waters and biodiversity.
  • Attracting creative new perspectives and experiences to solve complex problems and challenge entrenched points of view.
  • Gaining deeper insights into local and regional issues that affect the lives of the people we serve.
  • Cultivating and inspiring a deeper connection to wild things and wild places among underserved members of our community.
  • Fostering an inclusive, respectful and accessible environment for people of all backgrounds and perspectives.

Through diversity, we gain perspective; through equity, we gain unity; and through access and inclusion, we gain strength. Our commitment to diversity, equity, access and inclusion motivates us all to work together in realizing our mission, serving our community and nurturing the next generation of conservation leaders.