I Give A Whoop!

I Give A Whoop

Our Mission: The International Crane Foundation works worldwide to conserve cranes and the ecosystems, watersheds and flyways on which they depend.

America’s tallest bird, the Whooping Crane, is endangered and needs your help.

In the 1940s, only 21 Whooping Cranes remained in the wild due to unregulated hunting, egg collecting, feather collecting and massive habitat loss. Today, there are over 650 wild Whooping Cranes, and while their numbers have grown due to legal protections and reintroduction efforts, the species is still listed as endangered.

Whooping Cranes are in need of your support as they face increasing threats due to rising sea levels, freshwater diversions, wetland drainage, powerline collisions, poaching and disturbances at their nest sites. Whooping Cranes are a keystone species that dramatically affects their surrounding environment for the better and without Whooping Cranes our ecosystems will suffer. The International Crane Foundation is dedicated to protecting Whooping Cranes and the wetlands they depend on, and we need your help to secure the Whooping Crane’s future.

I Give A Whoop!

Here’s how you can help:

Find and contact your elected officials | Your vote matters!

Use the United States House of Representatives search tool or Facebook’s Town Hall feature to find and contact your elected officials. Tell them you oppose legislation that threatens the survival of Whooping Cranes and the coastal and inland wetlands they depend on.

Protect wetlands | It’s no secret that cranes and people need wetlands to survive!

Streams and wetlands support one-third of threatened and endangered species, including Whooping Cranes, and are the source of drinking water for 1 in 3 Americans. Whooping Cranes rely on wetlands for food, shelter, water and protection from predators. You can help save these wetland habitats by disposing of harmful waste properly, limiting your use of pesticides and fertilizers that seep into groundwater, and getting involved in stream and wetland clean-up projects in your community.

Share your support | #IGiveAWhoop

Tell your family and friends on social media why you support Whooping Cranes and wetland protection by sharing a message and photo with the #IGiveAWhoop hashtag. Follow and tag our social media channels on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Advocate for Endangered Species | Sign our pledge! Help us to continue advocating for and protecting Whooping Cranes from new and existing threats by becoming a member,  making a donation, or signing our pledge to protect Whooping Cranes and receive email updates.

The International Crane Foundation is dedicated to protecting Whooping Cranes from threats like freshwater shortages, wetland destruction, power line collisions, illegal shootings and more.