Volunteer Stories – Tracking Whooping Cranes in Indiana

Whooping Crane tracking volunteer Dan Kaiser is from Columbus, Indiana, and ran his own one-person shoe repair shop for 33 years. His love for wildlife photography began his volunteering career with the International Crane Foundation. In February 2006, he posted a photo of a Whooping Crane and was then contacted by Dr. Richard Urbanek, who was the International Crane Foundation/Fish and Wildlife Service project biologist at the time, to gather more information on the bands, location and time of the Whooping Crane observation. In November of the same year, Dan observed two juvenile Whooping Cranes in the same area. He contacted the International Crane Foundation regarding the observation and has been volunteering to track the Whooping Cranes in Indiana ever since. He loves the thrill of finding these magnificent birds and is rooting for the Eastern population to be successful!

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