ICF's Sarus Cranes Contribute to Breeding Goals One Egg at a Time

Recently, we learned from the Sarus Crane Studbook keeper that Majnu, our 51 year old male Indian Sarus Crane, along with Chandini, a 12 year old female on loan to ICF from the Gulf Breeze Zoo in Florida, are not only a good genetic pair, but there is a need for their offspring in captivity.

Travels with George: India 2014

Several years have rapidly passed since I last visited India. And although I was just there for five days in early February, it was an opportunity to honor my late friend and colleague, Prakash Gole, by speaking at a gathering of about one-hundred like-minded souls in Pune at the release of two books respectively by and about this remarkable man I have known for 34 years.

Notes from the President

Midway along our journey from New Delhi to Bharatpur, we pulled our bus off the highway and leapt out to scan for birds and other things that might flash in our binoculars and cameras. At first glance, these intensively farmed lands, flush with people everywhere, didn’t seem a good prospect for wildlife viewing. But as the small wetlands dotting this landscape came deeper into focus, species after species appeared — a wealth of ducks, cormorants, ibises, spoonbills, storks, herons, kingfishers, and shorebirds.