Support International Crane Foundation Co-Founder George Archibald and President and CEO Rich Beilfuss and their team, The Craniacs, as they set out with binoculars in tow to see how many bird species they can spot in 24 hours!

Pledge a specific dollar amount per species by contacting our staff or use the below links to make a fixed gift. All funds raised will support efforts to save cranes and the places they dance.

Pledges or fixed gifts of $40 or more will receive a one-year membership to the International Crane Foundation. For questions or to make a pledge per species, please contact Jennifer Fiene at 608-356-9462 ext. 151.

Prothonotary Warbler
Prothonotary Warbler photo by Tran Triet.

This just in, The Craniacs spotted 183 species this year!

Here are a few highlights from this year’s Bird-a-thon:

“We started our adventure on the spongy edge of Comstock Bog at dusk and left in total darkness. Just before nightfall, we were treated to American Bitterns, Common Nighthawks, Black-billed Cuckoos and winnowing Snipe. As night set in, we heard a Whippoorwill, a pair of Barred Owls hooting and then our biggest thrill – the tap, tap, tap typewriter call of the very rare Yellow Bittern!

“We also explored the Buena Vista grasslands up north for the first time during a Bird-a-thon and were thrilled to see Upland Sandpipers, Western Meadowlarks and many other grassland birds – and a very-out-of-place Snowy Owl still wintering!”

“All in all, our team saw seven new species that we had never seen before in our 12 years of doing a Bird-a-thon together.”

~ Rich Beilfuss, President and CEO