Spanning Generations With The Crane Legacy Society

Crossing continents. Spanning generations. Cranes know no boundaries, and neither do we. This embodies the message shared on a blue-sky day at the International Crane Foundation’s world headquarters as the Crane Legacy Society gathered for a behind-the-scenes event, Blue Lagoon to Baraboo: Journey of a Future Crane Conservationist.

Spirit of Africa tour
Interpretive Naturalist Intern Katuta Sichilongo leads the Spirit of Africa tour for Crane Legacy Society members. International Crane Foundation

Chatter filled the courtyard as passionate crane conservationists, who have chosen to include cranes in their estate plans, swapped crane stories, shared a meal, and learned from one another. The chatter faded as the guest of honor stepped up to speak. Katuta Sichilongo, a young conservationist and Interpretive Naturalist Intern at the International Crane Foundation, truly knows no boundaries. While his roots are in Zambia, he comes to Baraboo after interweaving music, mindfulness, and conservation into his studies in Thailand and Cambodia, and into his work with the International Crane Foundation, both in Zambia’s Blue Lagoon National Park and in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Spirit of Africa Tour
Katuta shows the tour group a feather from the Grey Crowned Cranes’ golden crown – the delicate feather is in a glass vile. International Crane Foundation

Katuta helped the audience understand that his personal influences and the International Crane Foundation enables him and new generations to foster a love for cranes and enjoy the rich diversity of the outdoors. After sharing his crane journey, Katuta stepped onto the Cranes of the World campus with our legacy members to guide a Spirit of Africa tour, sharing our far-reaching impacts for cranes and their neighbors throughout Africa. The opportunity for the next generation to enjoy a thriving environment and fall in love with cranes hinges on how we’re able to expand our work and increase our impact. 

People of all ages can get involved and contribute to strengthening crane populations and preserving natural wildlife. Help us cross continents and span generations by including the International Crane Foundation in your will or estate plans. To learn more about becoming an impactful Crane Legacy Society member, please contact Hannah Field, Planned Giving Coordinator, at 608-356-9462 ext. 117.