New Crane Virtual Backgrounds – Video Backgrounds Now Available!

Click here to download our Whooping Crane exhibit video background.

Share your love of cranes worldwide and delight your family and coworkers by using these exclusive International Crane Foundation virtual backgrounds. The backgrounds include still images of ten different crane species. We also have nine new video backgrounds featuring cranes, the restored prairie at our headquarters, a prescribed burn and other fun surprises!

Download the video backgrounds here:

Blue Crane happy dance | mirrored version

Demoiselle Crane family | mirrored version

Prairie timelapse | mirrored version

Bobbing Sandhill and Whooping Crane garden ornaments | mirrored version

Platte River Sandhill Crane roost | mirrored version

Prescribed burn | mirrored version

Sandhill Crane roost count | mirrored version

Sandhill Cranes dancing | mirrored version

Whooping Crane exhibit | mirrored version

Once you download the files, save the images or videos to your computer. You will find two versions of each, one mirrored and one un-mirrored. The mirrored images work best if you have chosen the mirror display option on your virtual meeting software.