Volunteer Stories – Working Together

Now residing in the Monona, Wisconsin area, Mary Dykstra grew up on a dairy farm in Sheboygan County. She has a degree in Elementary Education and began her career teaching in a six-grade classroom. Growing up on a farm and being introduced to birding when she was younger, Mary always had an interest in environmental education. Her interests led her to many different roles throughout her career, including outreach programming for the Wisconsin Humane Society, writing and editing for Birders World Magazine and volunteer administration for the Wisconsin Historical Museum.

Mary visited the International Crane Foundation with her family shortly before retirement, and they were able to join a tour led by a fellow volunteer. After the tour, Mary approached former Interpretive Programs Manager Andy Bingle to express interest in volunteering. Since the fall of 2016, she has been volunteering to give tours, be a roving naturalist, and help at events throughout the year. She enjoys the opportunity to work with school kids again and show that if we have a shared mission, we can accomplish great things.

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