Urgent – Help Us Protect Indiana’s Wetlands!


Indiana’s wetlands need your help!

SB 389 is an Indiana bill that will repeal state protections for wetlands that are not under federal jurisdiction. It is estimated that this will impact 80 to 90% of Indiana’s wetlands and make them more vulnerable to development. Whooping Cranes depend on wetlands for their survival, and over half of the Whooping Cranes in the reintroduced Eastern Migratory Population use wetlands in Indiana for wintering or migratory habitat. The International Crane Foundation opposes SB 389.

SB 389 passed the Indiana State Senate and is awaiting the Indiana House of Representative vote when the House returns to session on March 1. If this bill passes the House, it could have a devastating long-term effect on wetlands and wetland-dependent wildlife in Indiana.

Indiana Craniacs, please help cranes and all species that depend on wetlands (including humans) by contacting your state representative, and urging them to vote against this bill. It is easy to contact your legislators – simply click here.

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