Construction begins Nov. 5 for our $10M site renovation!

Construction trailer at our headquarters.
The site construction trailer was placed at our headquarters last week!

Construction cranes will “migrate” to our headquarters this fall as we begin our much anticipated $10 million dollar site renovation on Monday, Nov. 5.

Architect CLR Design, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, General Contractors Vogel Bros. Building Co., of Madison, Wisconsin, and ECOS Communications of Boulder, Colorado, are partnering with us to create an enriching environment for both people and cranes. View a list of our generous donors for the campaign.

Site improvements include more naturalistic crane enclosures, engaging interpretive elements and a new visitor center with an indoor viewing area of our Sandhill Crane exhibit. Our new site will reopen in spring 2020. Stay tuned for details of our Grand Opening Celebration!

We will share regular updates of the construction progress through our social media and email updates. Look for the hashtag #newhomeforcranes on Twitter and Instagram, and our Facebook album following our progress from groundbreaking to completion.

What should you expect when you visit our headquarters in 2020?

Upgrading crane environments

Once our renovation is complete, every exhibit will feature a pond surrounded by native plants that more closely resembles the natural habitat of each species. Murals in several exhibits will tell the story of the landscapes, people and communities where the cranes live. Interpretive exhibits will provide memorable stories about our important conservation work in places like Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia and China.

Enhancing the visitor experience

A new, improved and larger visitor center will allow visitors to connect with our foundation’s mission on multiple levels. As the gateway to our work worldwide, the center will offer dynamic interpretive elements, an indoor viewing opportunity for the Sandhill Crane exhibit, an expanded gift shop, member information and a new theater.

Other site improvements

•  Improved, greater space for school groups to meet, including a new bus drop-off and loading area, providing safe, easy access to the visitor center.

•  An informative and artistic Cranes and Culture area honoring the cultural connection of cranes throughout history.

•  A completely new habitat and home for our Critically Endangered Siberian Cranes, including a large wetland area.

We look forward to this new chapter in our visitor experience and look forward to welcoming you to our updated site in 2020!