Whooping Crane Egg Scorecard 2018

Whooping Crane Egg Scorecard

A tradition at the International Crane Foundation is to follow our “Egg Scorecard,” which tracks the Whooping Crane eggs from our captive flock and wild nests in Wisconsin.

We’ll be posting updates to our scorecard on our website, FacebookTwitter and Instagram, so check back often in the coming weeks to view our progress.  Click here to learn more about Whooping Cranes.

Whooping Crane eggs laid/chicks hatched at the International Crane Foundation – Final stats

Our first egg was laid on April 4 this year!

Eggs laid: 30, plus 6 eggs from wild nests in Wisconsin were transferred to our headquarters in May. Of these six, four hatched at our headquarters!

Fertile: 13

Infertile: 13

Broken: 4

Hatched: 11 – Our first 2018 chick hatched on March 22!  Real Quiet and American Pharaoh are being parent-reared at our headquarters for release in Wisconsin this fall. The remaining eight chicks BurgooFerdinand, Derby, My Boy Jack (MBJ), Calumet, Meridian, Paddock and Whiskey are being costumed-reared by our staff for release in Louisiana later this year. Unfortunately, we lost parent-reared chick Julep in July due to health complications.

In addition, we have one Hooded Crane Justify that is being reared at our headquarters at Crane City!

Wild Whooping Crane chicks in Wisconsin – 10/04/18

Note: Each crane is identified by a two-part number (e.g. 12-11), with the second number identifying the hatch year. A “W” indicates that the crane hatched in the wild.

Wild-hatched chicks: Five remaining and ALL HAVE FLEDGED!

12-11/5-11 – 2 chicks, lost W2-18 and W1-18 remaining

24-09/42-09 – 2 chicks, lost W4-18 and W3-18 remaining

W3-10/8-04 – W5-18; second egg collected and brought to our headquarters, where it hatched

16-07/1-04 – 1 chick, W6-18; second egg collected and brought to our headquarters, where it hatched

9-03/3-04 – 2 chicks, lost W8-18 and W7-18

14-08/24-08 -Lost W9-18

23-10/4-08 – W10-18