Rebuilding our Texas Program One Year After Hurricane Harvey

Our new Texas Program office under construction in Rockport, Texas. Take a VIRTUAL TOUR.

August 25, 2018, marks a year since Category Five Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast, destroying our Texas Program office. We asked for your help to rebuild in Rockport, and you answered the call. For this, we continue to give you thanks!

A year later, we are poised to move into our new office space, bigger and better than before. Thanks to your generosity, our office space now includes offices for four program staff.

The last remaining wild flock of Whooping Cranes is growing. So is our staff and need to care for these important birds. Since August 2017, we’ve hired Nikki Davis, an Ecosystem Scientist, who is identifying which lands need to be secured to support a population of 1,000 Whooping Cranes.

In addition, we are currently hiring a Whooping Crane Outreach Specialist, who will help us raise awareness of these magnificent birds and spread the word about our work in Texas. We also are hiring a Program Assistant to help with all aspects of our work. These new team members join Senior Whooping Crane Scientist Liz Smith, who has been working tirelessly in Texas for eight years.

With your help, we’re doing our best to ensure that the growing flock of Whooping Cranes arriving on the wintering grounds in coastal Texas have adequate and safe habitat, fresh water and food sources. We couldn’t do this important work without you – thank you!

Join us on Sunday, August 26, 2018, for an open house at our new office in Rockport!