Urgent – help us protect Wisconsin’s wetlands!

Update: The Wisconsin State Assembly passed Bill 547 on Feb. 15, 2018, with a 58 to 39 vote.

There’s still time to contact your elected representatives before the upcoming Senate bill vote. Look up their contact information here.

Wisconsin’s wetlands need your help!

The Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate are voting beginning tomorrow, Feb. 15, on their respective versions of similar bills that, if passed, will impact up to 100,000 acres of “isolated,” non-federal wetlands in our state.

The bills remove protections to many isolated wetlands within a half-mile radius of every city and village in Wisconsin. In addition, the legislation would allow the filling of up to three acres in rural areas without a permit – increasing the risk to cranes and other wildlife that depend on rural wetlands.

Any wetland loss is potentially significant and will impact flood abatement, ground water recharge and wildlife habitat now and for future generations. Click here to learn more about the value of Wisconsin’s wetlands.

The International Crane Foundation provided testimony on the original legislation suggesting it not be passed as written. The amended versions of the bills to be voted on this week still allow significant harm to Wisconsin’s wetlands. We need your help to make sure our voices are heard!

Please let your elected representatives know that you do not support the draining and filling of Wisconsin’s wetlands.

It is easy to contact your legislators – simply click here.

With appreciation,

Tim Grunewald
North America Program Director