Crane City Renovations Bring New Life to Crane Enclosures

A renovated “crane condo” – each building has an indoor house and a yard for up to two pairs housed side-by-side.

This winter we finished the fifth phase of renovations to our breeding facility Crane City. Yes, fifth – Crane City is extensive and houses around 70 birds. This multi-year effort is focusing on needed improvements to the cranes’ enclosures, including new siding and flight netting, reinforced fencing and roof repairs, and upgraded water hydrants and electrical. This past year our renovations focused on 1st Street “crane condos,” our quarantine facilities, and the construction of a new off-exhibit house for our Demoiselle Cranes.

The upgrades to Crane City will allow us to keep making strides in securing cranes throughout the world – whether through reintroduction projects, building capacity by training future generations of conservationists from around the world, or through our participation in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plans, which guide captive breeding for several crane species.

Our new off-exhibit Demoiselle Crane house in Crane City will hold up to six birds. Pictured are the doors that will lead to a future fenced yard for the birds.

Special thanks to our generous donor Bob Dohmen and our contractors Bischof Construction, Harding Electric, Qual Line Fencing, Trager Electric and Wisconsin River Plumbing and Heating, for making these much-needed renovations possible!

We are continuing to raise support for our ongoing Crane City renovations. Click here to learn more and help us feather our cranes’ nests!