Conservation heroes: together, we accomplish great things

You are our conservation heroes, and we thank you!


We have many heroes in our lives. Those who inspire us with their courageous action in dire circumstances and those who capture our imagination. My biggest heroes are the people who are doing great things, day in and day out, to make the world a better place. Some of my heroes are wading through deep crane marshes in Africa and Asia to protect nests. Some are working the halls of Congress to secure important protections for wildlife and wild places. And some are making all of this effort possible through their generous support. My heroes are conservation heroes.

Cranes are among the most endangered family of birds on Earth, and it takes many hands to save them. Thanks to conservation heroes like you, we are making a difference for cranes and the wild places they need on five continents and in more than 50 countries.

By supporting our efforts across Asia, Africa, and North America, conservation heroes like you are saving some of the most beautiful and important places on Earth. Poyang Lake in China. The Kafue Flats in Zambia. The Mekong Delta in Cambodia and Vietnam. The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge in Texas. Across the globe, we work for endangered cranes, for a rich diversity of other wildlife, and for the people who depend on these landscapes.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all you do to make the world a better place.

Your continued support ensures fellow conservation heroes around the world can keep fighting for the future of cranes and all we hold dear.

We hope you will consider a special year-end gift to the cranes, at a time when your support has never been more important for the Earth.

With sincere thanks,
Rich Beilfuss
President & CEO
International Crane Foundation


P.S. Our every success is due to your passion and generosity. But we still have much to do to realize a world in which cranes, and all of us, thrive together. Won’t you help? An increase of even $5 or $10 makes a significant difference for the cranes! Click here to donate.