Get Involved in the Discussion!

A Sandhill Crane hunting season is proposed on the Wisconsin Conservation Congress questionnaire that will be voted on at their annual spring hearings next Monday, April 10.

This vote is the first step in proposing a hunt – a “yes” vote at these meetings is advisory only and is not final approval of a hunt. The Wisconsin State Legislature must approve a Sandhill Crane hunting season before the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources can develop a hunt.

We believe it is important to get involved in this discussion regarding Sandhill Crane hunting in Wisconsin. You can voice your opinion through the following forums:

Most importantly, contact your State Legislators and share your views on a possible Sandhill Crane hunt in Wisconsin: Directory of State Legislatures.

Attend your county’s Conservation Congress meeting on April 10 and vote on the question regarding a plan to develop a Sandhill Crane hunt in our state.

Click here to learn more about our concerns regarding a potential Sandhill Crane hunt in Wisconsin.