Victor Bakhtin’s Legacy

Victor Bakhtin with mural painted for the Whooping Crane exhibit at the International Crane Foundation

It is with much sadness that we share the passing of our friend and talented artist, Victor Bakhtin. Victor painted the beautiful murals in our Platte River Theater and Whooping Crane exhibit (shown above), and designed the graceful crane gates at the entrance to our headquarters.

Artist Victor Bakhtin painting Platte River Theater mural at the International Crane Foundation.

Victor’s legacy will continue through his work, as noted by Darcy Love, our Creative Design and Conservation Education Manager:

“I have seen firsthand, the power of art to tell a compelling story about our work, and why everyone should care about saving cranes. Victor’s interpretation of the Platte River has transported our guests to another place, and back in time through the Whooping Crane mural. Having the crane gates to welcome people to our site is transforming for many who enter. We are so fortunate to have this lasting legacy from such a gifted artist.”