Congratulations to City of Baraboo on Bird City Designation

International Crane Foundation Co-founder George Archibald and Hope the Whooping Crane mascot present at Baraboo Wisconsin Bird City Designation Ceremony.
The International Crane Foundation congratulates the city of Baraboo on the dedication of their first-ever arboretum and announcement of their designation as a Bird City. Dr. George Archibald, Co-Founder of the International Crane Foundation, gave brief remarks at the dedication thanking the city for their ongoing commitment to land and bird conservation.

“We couldn’t be more proud to call Baraboo our home for more than 43 years. We are grateful to the city for always having been a great supporter of the work of the International Crane Foundation. We offer our hearty congratulations on their well-deserved recognition as a Bird City,” remarked Dr. Archibald.

Ribbon cutting for Baraboo, Wisconsin Bird City DesignationAlso joining in the festivities was Hope, the Whooping Crane mascot, made by the Henson Creature Shop. As a representative for her species, Hope helps to explain the critical role habitat and citizen engagement must play in walking Whooping Cranes back from the brink of extinction.

Of the 15 crane species, Whooping Cranes are the rarest. From its global headquarters in Baraboo, the International Crane Foundation works worldwide to protect all cranes and the places they need to survive.

“There are so many reasons to visit Baraboo and now with the new arboretum, there is one more! I invite everyone to visit Baraboo and while you’re here, be sure to visit the International Crane Foundation. In addition to meeting the majestic cranes, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy our many acres of restored prairies and wetlands that make for excellent birding,” concluded Dr. Archibald.