International Crane Foundation Receives Prestigious Plume Award for Whooping Crane Captive Management

It’s a feather in our cap! We are honored to receive the Plume Award for our Whooping Crane captive breeding program (right, Bryant Tarr, our Curator of Birds, proudly holds the award plaque). The annual Long-term Propagation Program Award from the Avian Scientific Advisory Group of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums recognizes excellence in husbandry and management of avian species.

Our captive flock currently includes over 30 Whooping Cranes, and this spring we produced 15 fertile eggs for captive management of the species and reintroduction programs in Wisconsin and Louisiana.

Our talented husbandry staff spend long hours caring for our flock, including late night egg checks, unexpected veterinary calls, and daily care in the heat of our Wisconsin summers through the cold of winter. They do it because of their dedication to our mission, but it is also wonderful to receive this recognition of our hard work and contributions to saving an endangered species!

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