The Unfinished Story of the Whooping Crane

You know the story of the Whooping Crane. Statuesque. Snow white. Dancing beauties. Devoted parents. Symbols of hope.


Reaching critically low numbers (fewer than 20) in the 1940s, Whooping Cranes have slowly recovered to about 600 total birds.

Whether we are breeding them in captivity, releasing them into the wild, protecting their critical habitats, or reducing threats along their long flyways, the International Crane Foundation has been able to play a lead role in the comeback of Whooping Cranes because of your support. Thank you!

Unfortunately, like a Whooping Crane sounding a guard call, scientists warn that the future of the species is still in peril.

The story of the Whooping Crane is far from over

We are calling for your support now because the threats facing this beloved bird – fresh water shortages, power line collisions, habitat destruction, senseless shootings, and more – have never been more numerous. Far too frequently, another precious Whooping Crane falls victim to one of these threats.

The International Crane Foundation has ramped up efforts on every front to meet the escalating threats.

Right now, we are:

Boosting Whooping Crane numbers through our innovative breeding and reintroduction programs.

Protecting critical habitat in collaboration with conservation partners across the country.

Eliminating threats by engaging in policy development, outreach, and advocacy initiatives.

And, very importantly, we are spreading the word. We are building public awareness, support, and pride across the continent for an iconic species whose story desperately needs to be told.

Our work is science-based, strategic, and urgent. We are confident that the end of this story will be a happy one. But we can’t do it without you. Please consider making a donation to the International Crane Foundation to support our work. Your donation ensures that we can mount the historic effort needed to protect Whooping Cranes for the long term.