In Search of Crane Counters!

Media Contact: Sara Gavney Moore, Communications Specialist
608-356-9462, ext. 155

In Search of Crane Counters!
Volunteers Needed to Count Cranes Returning to the Midwest during Spring Migration

Photo by Ted Thousand

Baraboo, WI– As cranes flock back to the Midwest from their wintering grounds in the south, the International Crane Foundation is seeking volunteers to participate in the 40th Annual Midwest Crane Count. Over 2,000 volunteers participate in the annual spring crane survey, which gathers information on the abundance and distribution of cranes in the upper Midwest.

With data collected in over 90 counties from Wisconsin and portions of five surrounding states, the International Crane Foundation monitors changes in the distribution of cranes throughout their range in the Midwest. In addition, the survey is an opportunity for participants to learn about cranes and the important role that wetland protection plays in their conservation.

“Participants look forward to the Crane Count all winter as a chance to re-connect with other counters and to spend a morning with their local cranes,” said Anne Lacy, Crane Research Coordinator. “At the same time, they are also collecting valuable information that will help us better protect cranes.”

The International Crane Foundation sponsors the Crane Count as a part of its mission to conserve the world’s 15 species of cranes and the natural communities on which they depend. Sandhill Cranes once nearly disappeared from Wisconsin, but the species has successfully recovered and is slowly expanding into neighboring states. Observations of Sandhill Cranes can lend insight into the threatened crane species of the world, including the endangered Whooping Crane. There are now close to 100 Whooping Cranes in the reintroduced population in central Wisconsin, and crane counters may have a chance of sighting a Whooping Crane during the survey.

“Volunteers always report that they treasure the opportunity the Crane Count provides to observe these majestic birds in their natural environment. It is guaranteed to be a morning you will never forget!” said Anne Sayers, Marketing and Communications Director.

Event Details: The Annual Midwest Crane Count will take place on Saturday, April 18. New volunteers interested in taking part in the survey should first contact their local County Coordinator for instructions. Visit www.cranecount.org for the list of 2015 County Coordinators, or contact Sara Gavney Moore, ICF Communications Specialist, at 608-356-9462 ext. 155.


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