Give Thanks

Painting by Janet Flynn

In celebration of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we asked our staff what they are thankful for this year. Following is what they shared (we think you’ll be inspired!)

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I am thankful for the opportunity to be an intern at such an amazing conservation organization that has provided me with resources, training and support to pursue my passion of Environmental Education. — Abby, Communications and Education Intern


I am thankful to know that I have crane colleagues around the world who share not only the same conservation challenges, but also the many joys that come with “saving cranes” – thank you to all the craniacs around the world! — Anne, Crane Research Coordinator


I am thankful for my inspiring, hardworking, and SMART colleagues. — Becky, Grants Manager


We are so thankful for all of the time that ICF volunteers have contributed to our conservation projects and initiatives this past year. This group of dedicated volunteers unselfishly donated over 4,100 hours – thank you for helping us sustain our mission and for all your support. — Cully, Interpretive Programs Manager


I am thankful for the opportunity to learn new things every day, and to share the inspiring stories of the incredible work ICF’s colleagues are engaged in around the world. — Darcy, Visitor Program Manager


I’m thankful for being curious about the world and working for a cause and at an organization where I get to use that curiosity every day to make the world a better place. — Dorn, Spatial Analyst


I am thankful for:

ICF President Rich Beilfuss’ excellent leadership of the ICF team and his motivation to the ICF Board of Directors and other supporters;

The creation of a strong Development team;

The production of many Whooping Crane chicks from eggs produced at ICF;

Our Communications and Education Department’s efforts – Betsy’s excellence in producing outstanding issues of The ICF Bugle; Darcy and Cully’s excellence in managing ICF’s Visitor Program; and a great web site thanks to Sara;

The Field Ecology Department’s steadfastness in helping the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership;

My excellent assistant, Karen;

Ability, thanks to Dan Lufkin, to work with colleagues in many nations;

Ability to continue to work in North Korea;

The thrill of experiencing Mongolia during each of the past three years.

— George, Co-founder and Senior Conservationist


I am thankful that ICF staff, colleagues, and donors have a thirst for knowledge and a deep curiosity for the natural world.  This passion for continuous learning is what keeps conservation dynamic and successful!  — Hannah, Administrative and Program Assistant


I am thankful for all of  our ICF partners, but especially our Research and Program Associates, who contribute so much  to ICF’s efforts and for the cranes, year after year in far flung places around the world. — Julie, Vice President Conservation Science


I am truly grateful for the opportunity to contribute my energy to a mission that has worldwide significance, and that makes a difference not just for birds, but also their habitats and their human neighbors. — Kari, Administrative Manager


ICF’s staff and supporters inspire me – I am thankful for their dedication and commitment to saving the world’s cranes. I know that the conservation work ICF accomplishes is making a positive difference in the world. — Kate, Development Officer


I am grateful to the amazing team of staff within the ICF/Endangered Wildlife Trust Partnership for African Cranes and for their efforts to achieve what we did this year, which included beginning work in Zambia and a great move to securing land for cranes in collaboration with landowners in South Africa.  Already, 60,000 ha have been secured around Chrissiesmeer, an important area for Grey Crowned, Blue and Wattled Cranes, and a further 27,000 ha will be included shortly (learn more about the Chrissiesmeer Protected Environment). — Kerryn, Africa Crane Conservation Program Manager


I am thankful for the opportunity to work with so many dedicated people, whether they are staff, volunteers or enthusiastic nature lovers.  It is through the interactions of wonderful people with their unique perspectives that the never ending beauty of the world (whether crane oriented or otherwise) reminds me of how blessed my life is and my joy increases over and over again. — Marianne, Senior Aviculturist & Chick-Rearing Supervisor


I am grateful for our global network of “craniacs”, from our dedicated staff at ICF headquarters to our partners and friends across the US and to the far corners of Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe.  For so many in this network, the passion and commitment to saving cranes and the amazing places they depend on is a wondrous blend of the scientific and the spiritual, the urgent and the timeless. — Rich, President & CEO


ICF’s online community extends throughout the world, and I am thankful for the opportunity to connect with you every day. Your interest in our work and caring for cranes gives me hope for the future. — Sara, Communications Specialist


I am thankful for the dedication and passion of the people that work at ICF.  It is inspiring to know that this organization is making a difference in the world of cranes and conservation. — Sonja, Executive Administrative Assistant