Reward Offered for Whooping Cranes Shot in Western Kentucky

Whooping Cranes nos. 33-07 and 05-09 in Wisconsin. Photo by Ted Thousand

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) has announced the November 2013 deaths of two Whooping Cranes (pair nos. 33-07 and 05-09) in Kentucky. The death of the cranes is likely due to illegal shooting (read more in the Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal’s coverage of the shootings and the news release issued by the USFWS).

“ICF is deeply troubled by the deaths of these Whooping Cranes. In this imperiled species, every crane counts toward recovery,” said Dr. Richard Beilfuss, President and CEO of ICF. “ICF’s education and outreach efforts along the flyway are focused on the responsible stewardship of Whooping Cranes, and our commitment to the future of these magnificent birds remains as strong as ever.”

What can you do to help? Share the video Help Us Save the Whooping Crane to spread the word that disturbing, harassing or killing Whooping Cranes is a crime or make a gift to support ICF’s Whooping Crane conservation efforts.