Discover Wisconsin Sets Out on Birding Adventure with ICF

Media Contact: Kate Fitzwilliams, 608-356-9462 ext. 147; 608-617-6002 (mobile)

On the Wisconsin Birding episode of Discover Wisconsin premiering June 23, Host Emmy Fink visits ICF, the only place in the world where you’ll find all 15 species of cranes - and over four miles of nature trails with abundant bird watching opportunities! Photo by Tom Lynn.

Only one place in the world has all 15 species of cranes and only one television show will feature it later this month. The International Crane Foundation (ICF) in Baraboo has been in the spotlight for the past year for filming, and now the episode will air Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24 on the Discover Wisconsin broadcast network, reaching 250,000 viewers across the upper Great Lakes region, including Minnesota, Iowa, Northern Illinois and Upper Michigan. The episode airs locally on WKOW ABC 27 Madison on Saturday evening at 6:30pm or can be seen state-wide on FOX SPORTS WI on Saturday morning at 10am.

 “Visitors are mesmerized by the grace, beauty and sheer size of these birds,” said Kate Fitzwilliams, ICF Marketing and PR Specialist. “Meeting the birds and learning what ICF is doing worldwide to save them and their rapidly disappearing wetland and grassland habitats is truly inspirational.” And the birds are just the beginning; from learning how the facility started, to seeing the many nature walking trails that surround the foundation, you’ll discover the birder in you during this episode.

Show host Emmy Fink admits she hadn’t spent much time birding before this, but sees why so many find it enjoyable.  “The International Crane Foundation is an environment for all to enjoy, and the elegance of these unique birds is something truly special.” said Fink. Show producer, Danielle Bernard, has really enjoyed this assignment. “I think viewers will be surprised to see all of the natural beauty we also found while birding, you don’t have to be a bird enthusiast to enjoy Wisconsin’s wildlife and gorgeous landscapes,” said Bernard.

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