Voice Your Opinion on Sandhill Crane Hunting in Wisconsin

In early February 2012 Wisconsin State Representative Joel Kleefisch introduced a bill proposing a regulated Sandhill Crane hunt in the state, citing the need to control crop damage by cranes. Though this bill never made it to a vote during this spring’s legislative session, a Sandhill Crane hunting bill will likely be introduced again in the future.  For now, the state’s discussion on the Sandhill Crane hunting issue will continue in forums like the upcoming Conservation Congress meetings on April 9, 2012 (see more information below). Read more about the Sandhill Crane hunting issue.

Get Involved

If you are a Wisconsin resident, you may attend your upcoming Annual Conservation Congress County Meeting and Department of Natural Resources Spring Wildlife and Fisheries Informational Hearing on April 9th (7 pm) to voice your opinion on the proposed Sandhill Crane hunt and other wildlife issues. View the full Questionnaire to be discussed at the meetings and view a listing of the meeting locations in each county. Question 69, Sandhill Crane Season, addresses the question of a Sandhill Crane hunt in the state. Another question of interest to crane conservation is Question 36, Lead Tackle on Escanaba, Nebish, and Pallette Lakes in Vilas County, which focuses on a pilot project to evaluate the use of non-toxic fishing tackle. The results of this project could lead to wider restrictions on the use of lead fishing tackle, which may be ingested by cranes and other waterbirds and cause lead poisoning.