Sandhill Crane Hunt Update

In early February 2012 Wisconsin State Representative Joel Kleefisch introduced a bill proposing a regulated Sandhill Crane hunt in the state. The following update summarizes ICF’s role in the ongoing discussion of this issue.

Our Position: The International Crane Foundation maintains three strong positions relative to crane hunting. First, the cranes need help from everyone – including hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, farmers, and other landowners – to conserve wetlands that cranes and other waterbirds depend upon for survival. Second, any decisions about hunting should be based on the best scientific information available. Third, it is crucial for individuals to participate in public discussions on the subject. As experts in crane biology and as managers of a long term database on an eastern U.S. Sandhill Crane population, our role is to provide biological information and assessment relevant to issues considered by states as they make management decisions, such as hunting or crop damage, on Sandhill Cranes.

Learn more about ICF’s role in the Sandhill Crane hunting issue and how you can get involved in the discussion.