Senior Advisors

Black Crowned Crane

International Crane Foundation Senior Advisors are a select group of about thirty individuals from throughout the world. Our Senior Advisors support the mission, staff and programs of the International Crane Foundation in diverse ways.

Our Senior Advisors provide invaluable assistance in contributing to our strategic planning, advising our regional leaders on program priorities and growth, providing specific expertise drawn from personal skills and experience, and connecting us more deeply with government agencies, universities and other partners.

The Foundation’s Senior Advisors are appointed for a three-year term that is renewable.

Barirega Akankwasah; Ph.D. (Uganda)Abdoulaye Ndiaye, Ph.D. (Senegal)
Vladimir Andronov, Ph.D. (Russia)Nandhakumar (India)
Jim Blackburn (USA)Mark Penning, Ph.D. (USA)
Nick Davidson, Ph.D. (UK)Nick Salafsky, Ph.D. (USA)
Patrick Dugan, Ph.D. (Malaysia)Lee Simmons, Ph.D. (USA)
Sharon Dunwoody, Ph.D. (USA)Jonathan Sleeman, Ph.D. (USA)
Lee Ehmke, Ph.D. (USA)Srey Sunleang (Cambodia)
Max Finlayson, Ph.D. (Australia)Tom Stehn (USA)
Noritaka Ichida, Ph.D. (Japan)Stuart Strahl, Ph.D. (USA)
Arlyne Johnson, Ph.D. (USA)Vo Tong Xuan, Ph.D. (Vietnam)
Jackie King, Ph.D. (South Africa)Brian Yandell, Ph.D. (USA)
Le Cong Kiet, Ph.D. (Vietnam)Joy Zedler, Ph.D. (USA)
Lei Guangchun, Ph.D. (China)Zheng Guangmei, Ph.D. (China)
Phil Miller, Ph.D. (USA)
Myin Zu Minn, Ph.D. (Myanmar)