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School visit to the Whooping Crane exhibit at the International Crane Foundation

Activity Packets

We are excited to offer activity packets for ages preschool through high school, along with select activities in Spanish, for use in your classroom! Please contact us for more information at 608-356-9462, ext. 127, or follow the links below to view PDF versions of the packets (the files will automatically download).

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view these files.

Level I: Chick Chat: An Introduction to Cranes
Preschool – 2nd grade
“Chick Chat” includes information about cranes and a variety of fun activities to excite students about this special family of birds. Activities include a coloring book, crane puppet and puzzles.

Level 1 Teacher Instructions

Level 1 Student Pages

Level 1 Arap Sang and the Cranes

Level 1 Meg in the Egg Coloring Book

Level II: Cranes, Kids and Wetlands: Exploring Cranes and Their Habitats
3 – 5 grade
“Cranes, Kids and Wetlands” includes information about cranes and their biology, along with an introduction to wetland and prairie ecosystems. A variety of projects will engage students in crane conservation.

Level 2 Teacher Instructions

Level 2 Student Pages Unit 1

Level 2 Student Pages Unit 2

Level III: Cranes, Communities and Cultures
6 – 8 grade

“Cranes, Communities and Cultures” includes information about cranes and their biology, wetland and prairie ecosystems, and our role in the protection of these threatened birds and their habitats. The packet also includes activities and follow-up projects.

Level 3 Teacher Instructions

Level 3 Student Pages Unit 1

Level 3 Student Pages Unit 2

Level IV: Crane Conservation: Studies in Crane Behavior, Genetic Diversity, and the Linkages between People and Cranes
9 – 12 grade
“Crane Conservation” includes an introduction to the study of ethology, genetics, the connection between cranes and people, and information on cranes and their biology. The packet also includes a field guide to crane behavior that will help familiarize students with the unique crane behaviors that they will observe during a field trip to our headquarters.

Level 4 Teacher Instructions

Level 4 Field Guide

Level 4 Student Pages Unit 1

Level 4 Student Pages Unit 2

Level 4 Student Pages Unit 3


Activities in Spanish:

¡Ay Qué Huesos!

¡Las Grullas También Bailan!

Criaturas Que se Arrastran y Saltan

Formidables Adaptaciones

La Casa de la Grulla

La Grulla de Papel

La Pulsera Grulla

Los Cambios: ¿Buenos o Malos?

Pio Pio y Creciendo

¿Qué Es una Grulla?

¿Quién Es Este Pajaro Grande?

Si el Pico te Sirve Jusalo

Usa la Cabeza

Y las Estaciones