Crane Specialist Group

Crane Specialist Group

The Crane Specialist Group currently works in affiliation with the Species Survival Commission of IUCN and Wetlands International. We also coordinate our activities with regional crane working groups, each with a specific geographic focus – see list below.

Membership in the Crane Specialist Group

Membership in the Crane Specialist Group is open by invitation to researchers and conservationists who have demonstrated an active commitment to working on cranes and the ecosystems where they live. The International Crane Foundation supports the activities of the Crane Specialist Group, and members receive an electronic version of the International Crane Foundation’s quarterly newsletter, The Bugle.

More Information

For further information on the Crane Specialist Group, contact:

Kerryn Morrison, Chair
Vice President International – Africa
International Crane Foundation/Endangered Wildlife Trust Partnership
Private Bag X11, Modderfontein, 1645, Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone: + 27 11 372 3600

Claire Mirande, Program Officer
Grants Officer – Asia
International Crane Foundation
E11376 Shady Lane Road
Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913, USA
Phone: 1-608-356-9462, ext. 122

Contact Information for Regional Crane Working Groups:


African Cranes, Wetlands, and Communities Programme
Contact Ms. Kerryn Morrison


Crane and Waterbird Working Group of the China Ornithological Society
Contact: Dr. Ding Changqing

Crane Working Group of Baluchistan, Pakistan
Leader: Mr. Ghulam Ali Baloch
Contact: Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan

Crane Working Group of Punjab, Pakistan
Leader: Mr. Padar Munir
Contact: Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan

Indian Cranes and Wetlands Working Group

International Red-crowned Crane Network
Contact Ms. Yulia S. Momose

North East Asia Crane Working Group

Red-crowned Crane Conservancy
E-mail: tancho1213@pop6.marimo.or.jp


Australian Crane Network


Crane Conservation Germany: English website / German website

Crane Working Group of Eurasia
Contact Ms. Elena Ilyashenko

European Crane Working Group

North America

North American Crane Working Group

Blue Crane in South Africa.


The Ron Sauey Library for Bird Conservation at the International Crane Foundation has the world’s largest collection of materials related to cranes, their captive health and their conservation in the wild. Many of these materials are available electronically on the website or by contacting the librarian. The library seeks reports about crane research and projects and other relevant materials such as distribution maps, sent either by email or regular mail.

A free downloadable photo gallery of crane species is available online, as well as an extensive image collection that is accessible by contacting our photo editor.

A variety of educational materials are available for students and teachers in English, Chinese, Russian, or Spanish.

For more information about the specialist group networks, visit:

IUCN Species Survival Commission

Wetlands International Specialist Groups