CITES Announces Suspension of Crowned Crane Trade

An announcement, detailing the suspension of trade in Black Crowned Cranes from Guinea, Sudan and South Sudan and trade in Grey Crowned Cranes from Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania, has just come out of the CITES Conference of the Parties 16 currently underway in Bangkok, Thailand.

Sentencing in April 2012 Whooping Crane Shooting

ICF is very pleased and relieved that an appropriate sentence was issued to the man who shot an adult male Whooping Crane in South Dakota last April. The migrating adult crane was one of fewer than 300 individuals remaining in the Aransas/Wood Buffalo population, the only self-sustaining wild population of Whooping Cranes in the world.

Conviction in January 2012 Whooping Crane Shooting

ICF was pleased to learn of the recent sentencing of two men convicted of shooting an eastern migratory Whooping Crane in January 2012. A Whooping Crane released in 2008, part of a nesting pair, was shot and killed by John Burke and Jason McCarter in Knox County, Ind. A citizen tip led to charges against McCarter and Burke. The two men pled guilty and were sentenced on November 21.

Discover Wisconsin Sets Out on Birding Adventure with ICF

Only one place in the world has all 15 species of cranes and only one television show will feature it later this month. The International Crane Foundation (ICF) in Baraboo has been in the spotlight for the past year for filming, and now the episode will air Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24 on the Discover Wisconsin broadcast network, reaching 250,000 viewers across the upper Great Lakes region, including Minnesota, Iowa, Northern Illinois and Upper Michigan.