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Saving Cranes – One Rain Barrel at a Time

Dear Fellow Craniac,

A large steel rainwater tank collects water from a roof in Uganda.

This large barrel collects rainwater for the local community, alleviating pressure on nearby wetlands used by breeding Grey Crowned Cranes.

As we enjoy spring and the return of the cranes to their nesting grounds, I think about the threats they face on their long journeys north. They all need fresh water, accessible food, and undisturbed wetlands. They all need solutions that work for them and their human neighbors so both can thrive.

The International Crane Foundation and our team in east Africa plan to install water tanks to collect rainwater for the people who live near crane marshes in Rukiga District, Uganda. These inexpensive tanks, which can be installed for about $1,400 each, cost little to maintain and reduce pressure and disturbance on the nearby marshes where Grey Crowned Cranes breed and nest.

Our focus on cranes allows us to pursue specific, results-oriented projects like this. We lean into problems people face and work with them to find solutions that benefit cranes as well. For example, the proposed Sandhill Crane hunting bill in Wisconsin is on hold, thanks to you and many others who voiced their opposition. But we heard the concerns of farmers and are working to find solutions that prevent crop damage without harming cranes or other wildlife. And we believe these solutions can benefit farmers in other parts of the world where cranes and agriculture are closely connected.

As you reflect on the impact you want to make in the world, we hope you will invest in the International Crane Foundation as your partner in conservation. Our “boots on the ground” teams have been protecting and restoring wetlands, grasslands, and other critical habitats in the name of cranes for nearly fifty years!

We are so grateful for your past support, which enabled us to continue our work and make progress throughout the pandemic. It is gratifying to know that my contributions, and yours, will benefit both cranes and people.

Eleanor Hoagland
Board Chair, International Crane Foundation