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Richard Steeves

Supporting ICF’s Eco-Friendly Themes and It’s HistoryRichard Steeves

Richard has been sympathetic to the plight of Whooping Cranes since childhood, when he read about them while visiting his grandparents in New Brunswick, Canada. After graduating in medicine from the University of Western Ontario (London) and in medical biophysics from the University of Toronto, Richard and his family came to the United States, where he studied both the causes and the treatment of cancer at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo and at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, respectively. He joined the Radiation Oncology faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1980.

As a new ICF Board member in 2000, Richard’s first interest was in helping George Archibald to preserve the history of ICF, by editing his writing and by providing artistic support through Victor Bakhtin. Recently he co-edited Reflections: The Story of Cranes. In addition, he encourages the Board to maintain its global outreach through increased awareness of energy conservation and greenhouse gas emissions. Richard also serves as president of the Applewood Hill Water Utility, vice-president of Medical Physics Publishing, co-founder of Hybridfest/Greenfest Expo, editor of the Coot-builder’s Newsletter and member of the Friends of the Lower Wisconsin River.