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Request for Qualifications – Introductory Video


Production and Evaluation consultation on new introductory video for our Welcome Center
International Crane Foundation

The International Crane Foundation (ICF) is an international conservation organization, working in over 50 countries across the world to conserve cranes and their habitats. We have field offices in South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, Beijing, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Rockport, Texas, USA.

Since 1973, the captive cranes at the International Crane Foundation have served as ambassadors for their wild cousins. From our beginnings right through today, these charismatic creatures introduce visitors to our work around the world.

ICF broke ground on a $10.4M renovation in November 2018 to improve life for our cranes by creating larger, naturalistic exhibits in which the cranes display many natural behaviors. Today, each of the fifteen species enjoys a roomy enclosure, created wetlands, and native plantings. These updates have focused the public’s attention on the individual cranes and their incredible stories.

As part of our recent renovation and investment in the welfare of our captive cranes and improved visitor experience, our new George Archibald Welcome Center includes a 50-seat informal theater space that can be adapted to various types of presentations. We wish to share the fantastic success stories of our crane conservation work around the world with a new introductory film. The film will be 8-10 minutes in length and be supported by 7 4-minute goals that provide a more detailed look at each project featured in the introductory video. These supporting videos will be accessed via our website through QR codes and URLs.

Project Goals

  • After viewing the film, visitors understand that ICF is a global conservation organization working to conserve cranes around the world.
  • Visitors will develop empathy for our captive flock that encourage them to take action that benefits wild cranes and conservation efforts
  • Through the immersive video experience, supportive video, and guided programs, empower humans everywhere to take action to help save wild cranes from extinction.
  • Create a sense of empathy for our captive cranes that encourages action to help save them in the wild.

Core Messaging

  • The International Crane Foundation works worldwide to resolve threats to cranes and the landscapes they need to thrive.


  • Experience developing various interpretive products based on empathy for animals.
  • Experience helping to brainstorm and craft ways to incorporate empathy and the ability to reach
    that goal for this project.
  • Provide editing suggestions to meet stated goals.
  • Review and advise on coordination of international video capture.
  • Review script for video and assist with shot list for international team.
  • Assist with the design of the evaluation process.


  • Statement of Qualifications: statement covering resources, expertise, client list, and references. If
    a team, partnering firm, or organization is proposed, include background information on all
    participating members. Include standard billing rate(s) range.
  • Relevant Work Experience: examples of previous work relevant to creative, interpretive video,
    and empathy. Detail specific case studies that demonstrate abilities in these areas and
    approximate cost range.
  • Approach to Scope of Work: indicate the style or approach intended to develop the messaging
    strategy and accomplish the listed goals.

The successful candidate will provide examples and demonstrate the ability to:

  • Manage expenses to work within budgets, demonstrate accountability, and meet deadlines.
  • Experience developing and editing video.
  • Establish positive working relationships with Staff and international video companies.
  • Be resourceful, flexible, dedicated, and results oriented.
  • Bring creative solutions and problem solving to the project.
  • Communicate a positive message that fosters empathy to change attitudes among diverse

1. The final budget for consultation will be negotiated with International Crane Foundation once our entire team has been determined.
TIMELINE RFQ Question and Answer Period  | April 11 – 18, 2022
Submit questions via email to D. Love
Question responses will be available HERE starting March 18, 2022

RFQ Due Date | April 22, 2022

Candidate Selection Process | April 25 – April 29, 2022
Narrow results to a maximum of 3 firms
Conduct interviews, and site visits will be
available upon request

Contract Award | May 2, 2022

The PDF of this Request can be downloaded HERE.