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Proceedings of the Sixth North American Crane Workshop (1992)

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Stahlecker DW, ed. 1992. Proceedings of the Sixth North American Crane Workshop, Oct. 3-5, 1991, Regina, Sask. Grand Island, Neb.: North American Crane Working Group.

Co-sponsored by the Canadian Wildlife Service, Saskatchewan Parks and Renewable Resources Department, and the Whooping Crane Conservation Association, Canadian Council.

This proceedings is posted here with the permission of the North American Crane Working Group (NACWG)

Prefatory Pages and Table of Contents
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Articles in proceedings listed by author:

  1. Bishop, Mary Anne. “Habitat Use by Florida Sandhill Cranes on the Kissimmee Prairie in Central Florida.”, 175.
  2. Brown, Wendy M., and Roderick C. Drewien. “Marking Power Lines to Reduce Avian Collision Mortality in the San Luis Valley, Colorado.”, 177.
  3. Carlson, Glenn. “Individual Identification and Sex Determination of Whooping Cranes by Analysis of Vocalizations.”, 176.
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  8. Ellis, David H., James C. Lewis, George F. Gee, and Dwight G. Smith. “Population Recovery of the Whooping Crane With Emphasis on Reintroduction Efforts: Past and Future.”, 142-50.
  9. Ellis, David H., Yuri M. Markin, Charles H. Vermillion, Charles M. Hoisington, Alexander G. Sorokin, and Grey W. Pendleton. “Satellite Telemetry Reveals Winter Home of Eurasian Crane From Northwestern Siberia.”, 172.
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  11. Ellis, David H., Dwight G. Smith, Glenn H. H. Olsen, Mark R. Fuller, Steven E. Landfried, Hiroyoshi Higuchi, and Charles H. Vermillion. “Progress in Satellite Tracking Cranes.”, 57-61.
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  38. Urbanek, Richard P., and Theodore A. Bookhout. “Development of an Isolation-Rearing/Gentle Release Procedure for Reintroducing Migratory Cranes.”, 120-130.
Proceedings of the Sixth North American Crane Workshop (1992)