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Proceedings of the International Crane Workshop

Lewis JC, ed. 1976. Proceedings of the International Crane Workshop, Sep 3-6, 1975. Stillwater, Oklahoma: Oklahoma State University.

This proceedings is posted here with the permission of the North American Crane Working Group (NACWG)

Proceedings of the International Crane Workshop (1975)

Prefatory Pages and Table of Contents
Pages 1-68
Pages 69-165
Pages 166-262
Pages 263-355

Articles in proceedings listed by author:

Archibald, G.W. Crane taxonomy as revealed by the unison call. 225-251.

Archibald, G.W., J. Baldwin, and P. Konrad. Is sandhill hunting a threat to whooping cranes?. 207-222.

Baldwin, J.H. A study of the thermoregulatory capacities of four subspecies of sandhill crane nestlings. 291-295.

Blankinship, D.R. Studies of whooping cranes on the wintering grounds. 197-206.

Bliese, J.C. Some diurnal characteristics of sandhill crane flocks in southcentral Nebraska. 157-165.

Boise, C. Breeding biology of the lesser sandhill crane- a preliminary report. 126-129.

Buller, R.J. Recent studies of age ratios of sandhill cranes in the Central Flyway. 78-85.

Carpenter, J.W., L.N. Locke, and J.C. Miller. Mortality in captive sandhill cranes at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, 1966-1975. 268-283.

Drewien, R.C. R.J. Oakleaf, and W.H. Mullins. The sandhill crane in Nevada. 130-138.

Erickson, R.C. Whooping crane studies the Patuxent wildlife research center. 166-176.

Forrester, D.J., F.H. White, and C.F. Simpson. Parasites and diseases of sandhill cranes in Florida. 284-290.

Frith, C.R. Crane habitat of the Platte River. 151-156.

Guthery, F.S. Foods and feeding habitat of sandhill cranes in southern Texas. 117-125.

Hoffman, R. H. Field usage by sandhill cranes in southern Michigan. 35-43.

Hunt, R.A., and E.A. Gluesing. The sandhill crane in Wisconsin. 19-34.

Johnson, D.H. The status of the sandhill crane in North Dakota. 69-77.

Johnson, J. Distribution of sandhill cranes in Minnesota. 59-68.

Kepler, C.B. Dominance and dominance-related behavior in the whooping crane. 177-196.

Koga, T. Increasing captive production of Japanese and white-naped cranes. 351-355.

Konrad, P.M. Potential for the reintroduction of cranes into areas of former habitation. 317-325.

Leonard, R.M. Economic and recreational impacts on the organized hunt for sandhill cranes. 105-116.

Lewis, J.C. Roost habitat and roosting behavior of sandhill cranes in the southern Central Flyway. 93-104.

Littlefield C.D. Productivity of greater sandhill cranes on Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon. 86-92.

Logan, T.H., R.D. Klataske, and R.J. Wicht. Preliminary report on the National Audubon Society’s management efforts in the Platte River Valley of Nebraska. 144-150.

Munro, R.E., and J.C. Lewis. Nighttime tests of remote sensors for census of sandhill cranes. 304-308.

Nesbitt, S.A. Capturing sandhill crane with oral tranquilizers. 296-298.

Nesbitt, S.A. Use of radio telemetry techniques on Florida sandhill cranes.299-303.

Quale, T.R. Interchick aggression in sandhill cranes. 263-267.

Rasch, E.M., and P.J. Kurtin. Sex identification of sandhill cranes by karyotype analysis. 309-316.

Sauey, R.T. The behavior of siberian cranes wintering in India. 326-342.

Scott, L. The Whooping Crane Conservation Association. 223-224.

Shroufe, D.L. Seasonal migrations of the greater sandhill crane through northwestern Indiana. 51-58.

Taylor, W.E. Sandhill crane habitat management on the Hiawatha National Forest. 44-50.

Valentine Jr., J.M., and R.E. Noble. The Mississippi sandhill crane- endangered or doomed. 343-346.

Voss, K.S. Ontogeny of behavior of the greater sandhill crane. 252-262.

Walkinshaw, L.H. Sandhill crane on and near the Kissimmee Prairie, Fl. 1-18.

Wallenstrom, R.L. The history and present status of the Mid-State Project. 139-140.

Wallenstrom, R.L. The Platte River National Wildlife Refuge. 141-143.

West, O. Notes on the distribution and status of the southern population of wattled crane in Africa. 347-349

Wolfgang M. The status of the European crane in the German Democratic Republic. 350-351.