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Proceedings 1985 Crane Workshop

Lewis JC, ed. 1987. Proceedings 1985 Crane Workshop, Mar. 26-28, 1985, Grand Island, Nebraska: Platte River Whooping Crane Maintenance Trust and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

This proceedings is posted here with the permission of the North American Crane Working Group (NACWG)

Prefatory Pages and Table of Contents
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Pages 145-200
Pages 201-244
Pages 245-314
Pages 315-354
Pages 355-415

Articles in proceedings listed by author:

Archibald, George W., and Scott R. Swengel. Comparative ecology and behavior of eastern sarus cranes and brolgas in Australia. 107-116.

Asherin, Duane A., Roderick C. Drewien. Computerized management and display of whooping crane observation data. 276-282.

Benning, Douglas S., and Johnson, H. Benning. Recent improvements to sandhill crane surveys in Nebraska’s Central Platte Valley. 10-16.

Bishop, Mary A., and Michael W. Collopy. Productivity of Florida sandhill cranes on three sites in central Florida. 257-263.

Bishop, Mary A., Howard E. Hunt, and R. Douglas Slack. Activity patterns of whooping cranes wintering on the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas. 167-171.

Bizeau, Elwood G., Thomas V. Schumacher, Roderick C. Drewien, and Wendy M. Brown. An experimental release of captive-reared greater sandhill cranes. 78-88.

Boyce, Mark S. Time-series analysis and forecasting of the Aransas/Wood Buffalo whooping crane population. 1-9.

Brown, Wendy M., Roderick C. Drewien, and Elwood G. Bizeau. Mortality of cranes and waterfowl from power line collisions in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. 128-136.

Carpenter, James W., Joshua F. Dein, and Gary G. Clark. An outbreak of eastern equine encephalitis virus in captive whooping cranes. 123-127.

Currier Paul J., and Jerry W. Ziewitz. Application of a sandhill crane model to the management of habitat along the Platte River. 315-325.

Derrickson, Scott R. Captive propagation of whooping cranes, 1982-1984. 377-386.

Dewhurst, Donna A., and Phillip J. Zwank. Sandhill migration in the mid-south—its possible significance to Mississippi sandhill cranes. 289-302.

Drewien, Roderick C., Wendy M. Brown, and John D. Varley. The greater sandhill crane in Yellowstone National Park: a preliminary survey. 27-38.

Drewien, Roderick C., William H. Mullins, and Elwood G. Bizeau. Winter and spring distribution of greater sandhill cranes from south central Idaho. 89-92.

Fjetland, Conrad A. Comments on whooping crane recovery activities. 312-314.

Haley, Donald E. Drinking sites and requirements of wintering sandhill cranes. 172-179.

Harris, James T. and Archibald, George W. Workshop resolutions submitted to persons or agencies. 412-415.

Harris, James, and Jeff Knoop. The Wisconsin sandhill crane count: a public participation project. 17-26.

Hartman, Lisa, Steve Duncan, and George Archibald. The hatching process in cranes with recommendations for assisting abnormal chicks. 387-397.

Hesch, Carol G. Importance of pen size in raising crane chicks. 406-411.

Howard, Richard P., Barry L. Keller, Fred L. Rose, John Connely, J.R., and Jerry Hupp. Impacts of the Tincup Loop Transmission line on cranes in Caribou County, Idaho. 142-144.

Howe, Marshall A., Habitat use by migrating whooping cranes in the Aransas- Wood Buffalo corridor. 303-311.

Hunt, Howard E. and R. Douglas Slack. Winter foods of the whooping crane based on stomach content analyses. 217-218.

Hunt, Howard E. Thomas V.Stehn, and Douglas R. Slack. Whooping crane mortality during the winter of 1982-83. 219-220.

Kauffeld, Jon D. An avian cholera epizootic among sandhill cranes in Colorado. 145-148.

Konrad, Paul M. Expended sandhill crane hunting in the Dakotas and Oklahoma threatens endangered whooping cranes. 69-77.

Krapu, Gary L., Brooks Gehring, Douglas E. Facey, Mavis I. Meyer. A resource inventory of sandhill crane staging areas in Nebraska. 364-370.

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Lingle, Gary R. Status of whooping crane migration habitat within the great plains of North America. 331-340.

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Lockman, David C., Leonard Serduik, and Rod Drewien. An experimental greater sandhill crane and Canada goose hunt in Wyoming. 47-57.

Logan, Todd J., and George Chandler. A walk-in trap for sandhill cranes. 221-223.

Logan, Tom H. and Stephan A. Nesbitt. Status of sandhill and whooping crane studies in Florida. 213-216.

Mickelson, P.G. Management of lesser sandhill cranes staging in Alaska. 264-275.

Miller, Harvey W. Hunting in the management of mid-continent sandhill cranes. 39-46.

Mitchell, Loyd C., and Phillip J. Zwank. Spring habitat use by pen-reared Mississippi sandhill canes released on a national refuge. 355-363.

Nesbitt, Stephen A. A technique for aging sandhill cranes using wing molt – preliminary findings. 224-229.

Nesbitt, Stephen A., and Anne Shapiro Wenner. Pair formation and mate fidelity in sandhill cranes. 117-122.

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Russman, Shirley E. Timing inseminations to maximize fertility in cranes. 398-405.

Smith, Emlyn B., and Jacob M. Valentine. Habitat changes within the Mississippi sandhill crane range in Jackson County, Mississippi (1942-1984). 341-354.

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Thomas C. Tacha. Foraging and maintenance behaviors of sandhill cranes. 93-106.

Thompson, Bruce C., and Ronnie R. George. Minimizing conflicts between migratory game bird hunters and whooping cranes in Texas. 58-68.

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Windingstad, Ronald M., Ronnie R. George, and Rodney F. Krey. Sandhill crane mortality at Cedar Lake, Texas an overview. 137-141.