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Proceedings 1978 Crane Workshop

Lewis JC, ed. 1979. Proceedings 1978 Crane Workshop, Dec. 6-8, Rockport, Texas: Colorado State University and National Audubon Society.

This proceedings is posted here with the permission of the North American Crane Working Group (NACWG)

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Articles in proceedings listed by author:

Aldrich, J. W. Status of the Canadian sandhill crane. 139-148.

Archibald, G. W., and D.L. Viess. Captive propagation at the International Crane Foundation 1973-78. 51-74.

Armstrong, E.A. The crane in the British Isles and crane traditions as evidence of culture diffusion. 237-248.

Bieniasz, K.A. The greater sandhill crane in Routt County, Colorado. 197-204.

Boise, C.M. Lesser sandhill crane banding program on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska. 229-236.

Carpenter, J.W. An outline of the treatment and control of crane parasites. 101-108.

Ferguson, E.L., D.S. Gilmer, D.H. Johnson, N. Lyman, and D.S. Benning. Experimental surveys of sandhill cranes in Nebraska. 41-50.

Fritzell, E.K., G.L.Krapu, and D.G. Jorde. Habitat-use patterns of sandhill cranes in the Platte River Valley- a preliminary report. 7-12.

Gee, G.F., and T.J. Sexton. Artificial insemination of cranes with frozen semen. 89-94.

Guthery, F.S., and J.C. Lewis. Sandhill cranes in coastal counties of southern Texas: taxonomy, distribution, and populations. 121-128.

Hirsh, K.F., and J. Bowles. Early Eocene crane-like eggs?. 211-216.

Hoffman, R. H. Thickness and variability of eggshell of southern Michigan cranes. 181-188.

Katz, B. Breeding ethology of the hooded crane. 217-222.

Krapu, G.L. Sandhill crane use of staging areas in Nebraska. 1-6.

Kroonmeyer, K.E., The United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s Platte River national wildlife study. 29-32.

Kuyt, E. Banding of juvenile whooping cranes and discovery of the summer habitat used by nonbreeders. 109-112.

Labuda Jr., S.E., and K.O. Butts. Habitat use by wintering whooping cranes on Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. 151-158.

Lewis, J.C. Molt of the remiges of Grus Canadensis. 255-260.

Lewis, J.C. Taxonomy, food, and feeding habitat of sandhill cranes, Platte Valley, Nebraska. 21-28.

Lewis, J.C., Factors affecting the spring inventory of sandhill cranes. 33-40.

Littlefield, C.D., and S.P. Thompson. Distribution and status of the Central Valley population of greater sandhill cranes. 113-120.

Mullins, W.H., E.G. Bizeau, and W.W. Benson. Pesticide and heavy metal residues in greater sandhill cranes. 189-196.

Nesbitt, S.A. Notes on suitability of captive-reared sandhill cranes for release into the wild. 85-88.

Niemeier, M.M. Early sternal and tracheal development in Grus Canadensis spp. 223-228.

Ramakka, J.M. Capturing sandhill cranes in Texas and Nebraska.75-80.

Reinecke, K.J., and G.L. Krapu. Spring food habits of sandhill cranes in Nebraska. 13-20.

Reynolds, R.E. Options for establishing a continental protocol for color marking sandhill cranes. 95-100.

Sauey, R.T. The feeding biology of juvenile siberian cranes in India. 205-210.

Smith Jr., E.R. A wintering flock of sandhill cranes in central Louisiana. 149-150.

Spitzer, P.R. The siberian crane at Bharatpur. 249-254.

Tacha, T.C. Effects of capture and color markers on behavior of sandhill cranes.177-180.

Tacha, T.C., and J.C. Lewis. Sex determination of sandhill cranes by cloacal examination. 81-84.

Tacha, T.C., D.C. Martin, and C.G. Endicott. Mortality of sandhill cranes associated with utility highlines in Texas. 175-176.

Tebbel, P.D., and C.D. Ankney. Biology of sandhill cranes in the southern Algoma District, Ontario. 129-134.

Toepler, J.E., and R.A. Crete. Migration of radio-tagged greater sandhill cranes from Minnesota and Wisconsin. 159-174.

Valentine Jr., J.M. The Mississippi sandhill crane- a status update. 135-138.