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Advancing Conservation Leadership

Advancing Conservation Leadership

“I am an optimist and a believer in human potential, especially the promise of gifted young people.”
~ Dr. George Archibald, Co-founder

In 1973, inspired by the elegance and plight of cranes, George Archibald and Ron Sauey co-founded a global center for crane conservation, the International Crane Foundation. Forty-three years later, their vision has given flight to grassroots conservation efforts around the world and a network of passionate leaders committed to the preservation of landscapes critical to the survival of cranes and people alike.

Our work to save cranes and their diverse landscapes requires a large-scale and long-term commitment. Success is dependent on trained conservationists leading the way in priority areas across the globe both today and well into the future, which is why we consider conservation leadership one of our most important strategies.

The International Crane Foundation serves as a global center for conservation leadership. Our international and regional programs integrate training and mentoring of leaders into each project, especially to develop leaders in the communities who share crane landscapes. We focus on identifying, training, mentoring, and supporting conservation leadership among a broad spectrum of people, from promising young scientists and conservationists to the land owners and decision makers who influence crane survival in key places.

Our work empowers colleagues with knowledge, skills, and experience to lead effective conservation action, including:

  • Conservation science and management
  • Wetland and grassland restoration and ecology
  • Field research
  • Captive crane management and care
  • Environmental education
  • Strategic communications
  • Geographic information systems
  • Conservation medicine