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“Investing in girls’ education delivers well-known returns. When girls’ are educated, they are more likely to earn higher wages and obtain better jobs, to have fewer and healthier children and to enjoy safer childbirth.”

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,
July 11, 2009

The One Helps One Program is coordinated by ICF and the Cao Hai Nature Reserve to promote education for young women in rural China. The program was started in 1998 at the Cao Hai Reserve, an important wintering area for the threatened Black-necked Crane and home to 30,000 people in southwest China. Due to poverty, many young women in rural areas like Cao Hai must drop out of school to help support their families.

ICF is working to give these young women the opportunity to continue their schooling and the hope for a better future. Through this program, students are paired with a sponsor, who provides an annual donation of $20.00 to cover their school costs, including books, supplies and uniforms. All of the donation goes directly to the students, who are chosen based on their above average performance in school and their family’s economic situation. The local villages, schools and the Cao Hai Nature Reserve work together to choose the students for the program.

Since the project’s inception, over 50 students have received support through the One Helps One Program. For the 2008/09 school year, 32 students from nine schools participated in the program, including three students in high school. To view the 2008/09 One Helps One Annual Report, click on the link below.

A group of students supported through the One Helps One Program.
 icon 2008-09 One Helps One Program Report.pdf (93.67 KB)
Become a Sponsor
If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please contact the ICF China Program.

To contact the Cao Hai National Nature Reserve:

Cao Hai National Nature Reserve
Weining, Guizhou Province
P. R. China 553100
Tel: 86-857-6222524
Fax: 86-857-6222524