No Egg Left Behind

Even the most vigilant Whooping Cranes can be driven from their nests by predators, ferocious biting flies, and other disturbances. Our field staff keeps track of every egg laid in every nest across Wisconsin using aerial surveys, nest cameras, and dedicated volunteers.

Abandoned eggs, which have no chance of survival otherwise, are removed and brought to our captive breeding experts, warm incubators, and surrogate parents. Some chicks are kept in captivity because they are genetically valuable for our captive breeding program, but most are raised for release. This all requires a tremendous effort to coordinate a suitable new captive home or to raise these chicks for release into the Eastern Migratory Population.

Seventy-four Whooping Cranes in this population are not enough, so every bird, and every egg, counts. The tremendous number of hours, staff, equipment, mileage, and technical expertise it takes to get these eggs hatched and back into the wild is daunting. It’s your support that enables us to leave no egg behind!

Through a generous commitment from anonymous supporters, you can DOUBLE the impact of your gift. Your gift will be matched 100% until we reach our goal.

We are so thankful for your past support – but we have so much more to accomplish, and we can’t do it without you.