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International Crane Foundation

A flock of Wattled Cranes in flight are silhouetted against an orange and grey sky. Text: Photo by Griffin Shanungu

Our Long-term Commitments to Cranes, People & Places

What inspires you about crane conservation? One of the things we love most is our community-based approach to conservation worldwide. We bring people together from diverse backgrounds and interests to work together to solve big conservation challenges. We cultivate local conservation leadership everywhere we work—mentoring and supporting leaders for today and tomorrow. We create model programs for engaging people in conservation in innovative ways, learning from experience and growing our impact. And we genuinely care for the communities we serve—ensuring their livelihoods and well-being are intricately linked to lasting conservation solutions.

What do these and all our strategic values have in common?

They require long-term commitments of our time, creativity and resources to the cranes, people and places where we are needed most. Your steady gifts are crucial to these commitments – thank you!