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Jim Harris Legacy Fund

Decades of Dedication – Help us ensure there will be decades more!

Jim Harris’ vision for cranes and their landscapes was always global in scale. He changed the course of how we addressed complex conservation challenges and advanced our mission in his quiet, competent, yet highly effective way. We dearly miss his clear thinking, wise advice and excellent writing skills. Jim taught those lucky enough to work with him that passion and ideals aren’t enough to save our wild places. It takes understanding, hard work and most of all dedication. Jim was all in.

Jim was captivated with China since his first visit in 1987. He spent much of his career working to secure the species most threatened with extinction in East Asia.

“Cranes make us feel we have escaped time — that nothing has changed except the circling of the sun, the sweep of seasons, the coming of ice millennia ago, the ice melting into muddy waters where long beaks find buried treasure” — Jim Harris

Because of Jim, the International Crane Foundation developed a reputation in the region for innovative, science-based approaches to crane and wetland conservation challenges. It was a natural next step that in 2017 when China required overseas non-government organizations (NGOs) to register, the International Crane Foundation became one of the first environmental NGOs to register and establish an office in Beijing.

This led to even closer cooperation with governmental and other NGO partners. One of Jim’s last tasks before his retirement in 2018 was to recruit a Director and staff for the Beijing office.

Jim’s tragic death was a huge loss for conservation in Asia, but he leaves behind a network of dedicated friends, colleagues and a lifetime of work and commitment in China and beyond. Luckily, Jim understood the importance of training and inspiring the next generation of conservation leaders.

Now, it’s our job to build on his legacy — and we need your help.

Contributions to the Jim Harris Legacy Fund will help secure Jim’s legacy and support our highest priorities in China and across East Asia.

You will improve water management in key wetlands so that Siberian Cranes can flourish. You will help nesting Red-crowned Cranes increase productivity and inspire children to be good stewards of the earth through education and awareness activities. You will help Black-necked Cranes adapt to the pressures of climate change on the Tibetan plateau, and you will help link a network of critical migration sites across the six countries of East Asia so critical to the survival of cranes.

Thank you for your support!