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Gerd Muehllehner

Gerd MuehllehnerAfter receiving his Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, Gerd worked for 12 years with Searle Radiographics (now Siemens Gammasonics) developing Nuclear Medicine instrumentation, specifically gamma cameras. He later joined a team at the University of Pennsylvania, where he developed PET scanners for more than ten years. He and his wife made the PET scanner, which was developed at the University of Pennsylvania, commercially available at a newly formed company, UGM Medical Systems. After serving as president at UGM Medical Systems and directing the growth of the company from three scanners per year to 60, he returned to Advanced Developed with ADAC and Philips Medical Systems. Since his retirement, Gerd’s focus has shifted to taking a role in influencing the environment around us. Gerd has concentrated his activities on promoting and implementing renewable energy, specifically solar electricity generation.