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Crane Conservation Strategy_2019

Crane Conservation Strategy
Mirande CM, Harris JT, editors. 2019. Crane Conservation Strategy. Baraboo, Wisconsin, USA: International Crane Foundation. 454 pp.

This landmark volume provides a wealth of new information to guide conservation of the world’s fifteen species of cranes and the ecosystems where they occur. It reflects the work and knowledge of dozens of devoted colleagues in the IUCN Crane Specialist Group. It updates and builds upon the group’s first report, The Cranes: Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan (1996). As such it charts a comprehensive course forward for crane conservation, synthesizing information on the challenges and opportunities that face the world’s cranes and all who care about them. The book is intended to serve crane researchers, conservationist practitioners, decision makers, and environmental educators.

Crane Husbandry Manual

Crane Husbandry Manual
Ellis DH, Gee GF, Mirande CM, eds. 1996. Cranes: their biology, husbandry and conservation. Washington, D.C.: Dept of the Interior, National Biological Service, International Crane Foundation.

Information on topics such as reproduction physiology, artificial insemination, incubation, rearing and behavior management, as well as essential priorities for the long term, including genetic management and record keeping. There are sections dealing with the status of all 15 species in the wild, with useful distribution maps and sections dealing with re-introductions.