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International Programs

ICF’s education activities are closely connected with conservation programs for cranes and wetlands in the many countries where we work. Through these programs, educators have the opportunity to cross cultural and political boundaries through a shared concern for the future of cranes and our environment. Click on the links below to learn more about ICF’s international education programs and how teachers can involve their classrooms in these exciting programs.

One Helps One Program

The One Helps One Program was developed by ICF to support education for young women in rural China. The program was initiated in 1998 at the Cao Hai Nature Reserve in southwestern China. The reserve is an important wintering area for the threatened Black-necked Crane and is in one of the poorest regions in China. Due to poverty, many young women in rural areas like Cao Hai must drop out of school to help support their families.

Through the One Helps One program, students are paired with a sponsor, who provides an annual donation to cover their school costs, including books, supplies and uniforms. The donation goes directly to the students, who are chosen based on their above average performance in school and their family’s economic situation. The local villages, schools and the Cao Hai Nature Reserve work together to choose the students for the program.

If you and your class would like to sponsor a student through the One Helps One Program, please email the ICF China Program for more information.