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Dave Myers

dave_myers_200My interest in cranes began years ago with Sandhill Cranes in Swan Valley, Idaho. More recently, I watched a pair of Grey Crowned cranes perform their crane ballet on the bank of a small stream near the Maru River in Tanzania.

I met International Crane Foundation Co-founder George Archibald at a presentation in Jackson, Wyoming and at the foundation’s headquarters in Baraboo, where I was introduced to all 15 cranes. I was guided to Whooping Cranes in the wild at a reserve in Wisconsin and visited Aldo Leopold’s “Shack”. I also traveled with the International Crane Foundation to Ethiopia to see Black Crowned, Wattled, and Demoiselle Cranes, and will travel to Bhutan with George to see Black-necked Cranes.

I am officially a Craniac. The International Crane Foundation is my best chance to help cranes prosper so that people and other creatures around this world may always be entertained and humbled by the presence of cranes.

My wife Lynda and I live in Idaho Falls/Swan Valley, Idaho. We are surrounded by the cranes, trumpeter swans, bald and golden eagles, osprey, great blue herons, wolves, mountain lions, and grizzly bear.

I am the active head of a family business that develops franchises for the food service brand Papa Murphy’s (FRSH). We have stores in Idaho, Iowa and Tennessee. We have two children, and they manage day to day operation of the business.

Before devoting full time to the business, I had a career as a CPA with Touche Ross (Deloitte Touche today) and afterward as a chief financial officer for several local companies in the Portland, Oregon area. I graduated from the University of Oregon.

We support habitat and animal conservation in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and North America through our affiliations with the Teton Regional Land Trust and The Trumpeter Swan Society, of which I am the Board Treasurer.