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Proceedings of the Seventh North American Crane Workshop (1997)

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Urbanek RP, Stahlecker DW, eds. 1997. Proceedings of the Seventh North American Crane Workshop, 1996 Jan 10-13, Biloxi, Mississippi. Grand Island, NE: North American Crane Working Group.

This proceedings is posted here with the permission of the North American Crane Working Group (NACWG)

Prefatory Pages and Table of Contents
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Articles in proceedings listed by author:

  1. Benning, Douglas S., Roderick C. Drewien, Douglas H. Johnson, Wendy M. Brown, and Erwin L. Boeker. Spring population estimates of Rocky Mountain greater sandhill cranes in Colorado. 165-72.
  2. Clegg, Kent, James C. Lewis, and David H. Ellis. Use of ultralight aircraft for introducing migratory crane populations. 105-13.
  3. Currier, Paul J. Woody vegetation expansion and continuing declines in open channel habitat on the Platte River in Nebraska. 141-52.
  4. Desrobert, Kevin J. Survival and habitat use of greater sandhill crane colts on Modoc National Wildlife Refuge, California. 18-23.
  5. Drewien, Roderick C., Wendy L. Munroe, Kent R. Clegg, and Wendy M. Brown. Use of cross-fostered whooping cranes as guide birds. 86-95.
  6. Duan, Wenrui, Theodore A. Bookhout, and Richard P. Urbanek. Home range and habitat use by isolation-reared sandhill cranes. 72-78.
  7. Ellis, David H., Brian Clauss, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, R. Curt Mykut, Mathew Kinlock, and Catherine H. Ellis. Results of an experiment to lead cranes on migration behind motorized ground vehicles. 114-22.
  8. Evans, Darrell E., and Thomas V. Stehn. Use of dredged material to construct winter whooping crane habitat. 67-71.
  9. Glenn, Travis C., Ryan S. Ojerio, Wolfgang Stephan, and Michael J. Braun. Microsatellite DNA loci for genetic studies of cranes. 36-45.
  10. Ivey, Gary L., and Eric J. Scheuering. Mortality of radio-equipped sandhill crane colts at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon. 14-17.
  11. Johns, Brian W., Eric J. Woodsworth, and Ed A. Driver. Habitat use by migrant whooping cranes in Saskatchewan. 123-31.
  12. Johnson, Douglas H., and William L. Kendall. Modeling the population dynamics of Gulf Coast sandhill cranes. 173-79.
  13. Kendall, William, Douglas H. Johnson, and Stanley C. Kohn. Subspecies composition of sandhill crane harvest in North Dakota, 1968-94. 201-8.
  14. Lishman, William A., Tighe Teets, Joseph W. Duff, William J. L. Sladen, Gavin G. Shire, Kirk M. Goolsby, Kerr Wayne A. Bezner, and Richard P. Urbanek. A reintroduction technique for migratory birds: leading Canada geese and isolation-reared sandhill cranes with ultralight aircraft. 96-104.
  15. Littlefield, Carroll D., and John E. Cornely. Nesting success and production of greater sandhill cranes during experimental predator control at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon, 1982-83. 62-66.
  16. Mirande, Claire M., and John R. Cannon. Computer simulations of possible futures for two flocks of whooping cranes. 181-97.
  17. Mirande, Claire M., James W. Carpenter, and Ann M. Burke. The effect of disturbance on the reproduction and management of captive cranes. 56-61.
  18. Montgomery, James B. Jr. Sandhill crane use of the Mid-Pecos Valley of Eastern New Mexico. 157-64.
  19. Nesbitt, Stephen A., and Richard A. Bradley. Vocalizations of sandhill cranes. 29-35.
  20. Nesbitt, Stephen A., Martin J. Folk, Marilyn G. Spalding, James A. Schmidt, Stephen T. Schwikert, Jane M. Nicolich, Marianne Wellington, James C. Lewis, and Tom H. Logan. An experimental release of whooping cranes in Florida — the first three years. 79-85.
  21. Nesbitt, Stephen A., and Thomas C. Tacha. Monogamy and productivity in sandhill cranes. 10-13.
  22. Olsen, Glenn H., and George F. Gee. Causes of Mississippi sandhill crane mortality in captivity, 1984-1995. 249-52.
  23. Olsen, Glenn H., Joanna A. Taylor, and George F. Gee. Whooping crane mortality at Patuxent Environmental Science Center, 1982-1995. 243-48.
  24. Peterson, Melvin K., and Roderick C. Drewien. Harts Basin, Colorado: a spring migration stopover area for Rocky Mountain sandhill cranes and whooping cranes. 153-56.
  25. Schmitt, C. Gregory, and Barry Hale. Sandhill crane hunts in the Rio Grande Valley and Southwest New Mexico. 219-31.
  26. Sharp, David E., and John E. Cornely. Summary of sandhill crane hunting seasons in North Dakota, 1968-94. 209-18.
  27. Snyder, S. Bret, Michael J. Richard, and Carol U. Meteyer. Avian tuberculosis in a whooping crane: treatment and outcome. 253-55.
  28. Spalding, Marilyn G., Stephen A. Nesbitt, Martin J. Folk, Lee R. McDowell, and Maria A. Sepulveda. Metal consumption by whooping cranes and possible zinc toxicosis. 237-42.
  29. Stahlecker, Dale W. Availability of stopover habitat for migrant whooping cranes in Nebraska. 132-40.
  30. Stehn, Thomas V. Pair formation by color-marked whooping cranes on the wintering grounds. 24-28.
  31. Swengel, Scott R., and Monica L. Tuite. Recent advances in scheduling strategies and practical techniques in crane artificial insemination. 46-55.
  32. Valentine Jr., Jacob M., and Scott G. Hereford. History of breeding pairs and nesting sites of the Mississippi sandhill crane. 1-9.
Proceedings of the Seventh North American Crane Workshop (1997)